Basketball is one of my favourite sports, I will have to admit. In fact, basketball is the sport I love the most – plain and simple. Watching games, any games – whether this is FIBA or the NBA regular season, I don’t really mind. Oftentimes I will find myself shooting hoops as a way to stress-down in mid-day or just enjoy the satisfaction of shooting clear into the basket. But if there is one thing that brings me even more pleasure than playing, that is placing a wager on some of the top games. That’s why I have decided to find the best basketball betting sites and place my money at them.

    Now, what I have found out during the time of my search for the holy grail of basketball bookies is that there are quite a few of these sites that I would love to bet at constantly. However, I often try to exert caution when I am indulging in any hobbies – even something as fun as betting on basketball. Therefore, while I am absolutely sure that there are many fantastic sites to bet on, I have only singled out those that I would consider betting at myself.


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    Learn More about the Best Basketball Betting Sites 

    Now, you are definitely only keen on sticking with the top basketball betting sites, and I can find no fault in that. But before we go around looking for the top sites, let’s first learn how to identify them in the first place and see what they have to offer. I tend to have a tested checklist of criteria that help me select the top picks to come what may.  

    Basketball Bookies Checklist

    1. Check the reputation of the basketball bookie – The brands you can trust are those that have an established footprint. By now, they are synonymous with a great brand. You can go on Reddit and ask what the best basketball site is and immediately, these brands will pop up as some of the top picks. Of course, there is also the herd mentality to consider, so some great picks may not show up immediately.
    2. Make sure the odds are fair and markets enough – Now that you have a website in mind, it’s always worth double-checking the odds. I will often say that most odds across bookies tend to be roughly the same. Especially if the basketball betting site is competing for the “top spot”. 
    3. See what payment options are on offer – This is really important in my opinion. Having access to a payment option, you are both familiar with, and trust is quite handy. That’s why many basketball betting sites will make sure to feature as many banking methods as are popular in your jurisdiction. Most e-wallets, for example, will allow you to transact money instantly, from your bankroll to the online wallet.
    4. The best websites are always licensed – There is absolutely no reason for a great basketball site not to come with a proper license. Many regulators issue a license today. 
    5. Mobile friendly – Yet another thing that is absolutely mandatory is the mobile-friendliness. People love to bet on the go, and the best bookies must provide this.

    How to Find the Best Odds for Basketball?

    Finding the best odds is often a bit of a challenge. After all, with hundreds of great bookies out there that run basketball markets, it can get pretty busy. Yet, being an industry insider always has distinct upsides.

    I keep my eye to the ground and catch wind of the latest arrivals before they have been fully formed. Now, with this said, the best odds – or at least decent odds – will always be offered at the established bookies.

    But watch out – there is a ‘but’. New bookies are trying to eat into the revenue of established businesses, and that’s why they will often start offering odds that are generally just a wee bit better. Yet, I have been in and around basketball bookies long enough to know that even the most ambitious project will fall within industry-established standards to make things work.

    The question remains, though – how can you make the most by focusing on the best and most viable odds for yourself out there? Simple enough – have a few great websites on your rotation. If you know that these five or so bookies are absolutely a must pick, then you should probably make sure you are sticking with them rain or shine.

    There is no shame in trying something new. Moreover, some bookies will give you somewhat better odds for individual events or games, so keep your eyes open for those one-off deals as well.

    best basketball betting sites

    Should I Bet at New Basketball Betting Sites? 

    New betting sites have quite a few cool options to offer. I have hinted at the better – if only for a little while – odds. But there are other boons to benefit from here as well. For starters, mobile compatibility is a huge boon.

    Remember how you used to complain about having a clunky experience at some big brand? Well, none of this will be found at the newest arrivals. The best new basketball betting sites all make sure that you have immediate access to mobile-friendly and optimised solutions to make the overall experience quite a bit more satisfying.

    Why should it be any better just because the website is mobile? Well, I personally find it very neat to be able to check up a score on the go or perhaps even place a wager I have been hesitating about, but now have more information to go on.

    Not least of all, though, many new basketball bookies actually offer better promotions. Yes, whether it’s free bets, reload bonuses, loyalty programs or something else, you have every reason to want to participate and bet on basketball using any of these bookies.

    Cash Outs at Basketball Betting Sites

    Did you know? Once you place your bet – you can actually claim it back. Whether it’s a part of it or the whole thing, basketball betting sites make it easy to be flexible with your money. But how does that work exactly?

    The “cash-out” option is offered on any running bet as a way to cash out money at the choice of the bookie. Now, this can go both ways – a bookie might be suspecting that your bet will win big, or they might be genuinely trying to get you out of a bad bargain.

    The latter case is not usually the case, but to be quite honest – bookies rarely bluff. Rather, they activate cash out if a sudden spike in the odds suggests that a bet might turn out into a huge winner. But once again – this is ONLY a hypothetical. In other words, you aren’t the centre of the bookie’s efforts.

    I know – this may seem a little harsh now that I am phrasing it quite this way. But it’s an important piece of knowledge that will help you understand the cash-out – and more importantly, that it’s not a way to manipulate you.

    Most people who are hesitating will usually choose to withdraw just half of the bet and leave the other half in so that they can keep on playing with their bet.

    Live Basketball Streaming Betting Sites – Check the In-Play Options 

    Now, one of the most challenging, but arguably most rewarding types of betting contests you can participate in is the one where you simply bet on an event live. I will be honest – as a huge fan of the game, I definitely don’t mind placing my wagers live.

    Do they carry more risk? Absolutely – you will be amazed how much more stressful it can be. But what I do to alleviate this stress is to always – I repeat – always make sure that I don’t have to deal with too risky bets. Put another way, putting small wagers can pay off quite neatly.

    What are my top live basketball betting tips that actually work? Well, for starters – don’t pin any financial hopes on a single bet. Betting should be fun, and you shouldn’t expect a return although if you are smart about how you bet – a return is all but impossible to miss.

    How to Bet on Live Basketball Games and Succeed 

    So, how can you make things really better for yourself when betting on live basketball? Here is my list of recommendations:

    1. Bet on a match-up you are familiar with. NBA usually offers some of the best match-ups and rivalries. The same game – or rather match-up can be played over five times each season meaning you can pretty soon get some decent bets to place.
    2. Try to be more specific about your betting. Some teams always dominate in the first half and slow down later on. Why not bet on the team scoring more points in the first two-quarters of the game, for example?
    3. Don’t bet big amounts, to begin with. The return rates are already pretty decent enough for you to turn even a modest wager into something more meaningful come to think of it.
    4. Don’t panic if you lose a few times in a row – losing bets is part of the game. And, as long as you are moderate about your betting hobby, you won’t have too much to worry about indeed.

    What Promotions Are There at Basketball Betting Sites? 

    You can claim all sorts of promotions when visiting a basketball betting site. The truth is you will get a chance to experience every possible combination of a bet. Now, basketball bookies will usually always focus on the main promos, to name:

    • Free bets
    • Welcome packs
    • Reload Bonuses
    • Refer a Friend
    • Daily Promotions
    • Weekly Contests
    • Monthly Challenges

    And you can make quite a bit out of each as long as you are picking smartly. Usually, bookies tend to have very straightforward betting rules, and you shouldn’t worry – not about a single thing. You will be given at least 30 days to clear any bonus you get, which is a big plus for sure.

    Now, why do we mention the deadlines? Because they are part of the wagering requirements which must always be fulfilled before you can reap any benefits out of your gaming experience.

    How Do I Verify the Trustworthiness of a Basketball Site?

    Another important stop before I approve any basketball betting site is to check their reputation, security and overall reliability. There are many things I actually go ahead and check, but I don’t mind doing so if it will help me establish whether a bookie can be truly trusted or conversely – avoided at all costs.

    What I usually check for is:

    • A bookie’s history
    • Their reputation within the industry
    • Whether the website passes social approval
    • Actual managers/owners and their reputation
    • Customer complaints and solved cases if any
    • Payment processing companies that work with the bookie
    • ANYTHING else I feel might help me determine the worthies of a bookie

    As you can see, that is a lot of hard work, but I am always happy to do it. Finding the best basketball sites isn’t entirely selfless. I told you, I am a major basketball junkie and betting is just a way to increase the excitement I get from betting and yes, I really don’t mind betting as often as I can.

    To do that, though, I’d much rather place my wagers at a bookmaker I can trust – and I usually do.

    A Final Thought on Basketball Betting

    Basketball betting is quite the way to crank up the excitement and love for basketball. Nothing satisfies the ego as being right about a game. Of course, quite a few times, you will get the bets wrong. But hey, don’t worry, it’s all about having a blast playing. As long as you follow my advice, play at the best bookies that offer betting on all top basketball teams’ games, and don’t stake silly amounts, I am quite sure you will find basketball betting to be very easy to get into.