Betting Offers

Sports betting is only getting started. Regulation around the world has allowed for far more liberal betting rules, enabling millions of people to make a wager safely and reap a decent return. Today, I am here to talk about the best sports betting offers you can claim. Don’t worry, though. You can rest assured that everything I post is up to date. That way you can make the best choices:

Apart from bonuses, you should equally care about the events, though! In the United States, for example, the Super Bowl brings in whopping amounts of wagers on a single day. In the rest of the globe – the betting race never stops. But far more importantly, the UK has its own special series of great sports events to place a wager on!

Finding those sports promos that will help you top off your bankroll and beat the bookies is not always easy.

That’s why I invite you to take a look at some of the top betting offers that are currently available.


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betting offers

Find the Best Betting Offers in No Time

There are quite a few available promotions. If you are a sports fan and love the occasional wager, you have certainly come across quite a few. Most bookies will make sure that you have access to a whole lot of offers.

However, how do you know which online betting offers are worth your while? Well, thankfully, I am here to help you out. For starters, you should look up what bonuses are available.

That is rather simple. Most bookmakers offer a great welcome bonus, a free bet or no deposit bonus. All three options are quite viable and, in my opinion, you should opt for all three.

If you have been around online betting, you probably know that sports betting promotions have very low wagering requirements. In other words, you can clear a bonus condition within a few days. That is the usual deadline.

All wagering requirements expect you to fulfil the bonus conditions within seven days, or sometimes a month. The good news is that it is completely feasible thanks to the low wagering requirement, usually no more than 8x the total bonus amount.

And if you are in the NBA season or love football, you are bound to be done with the bonus in no time at all.

The best online betting offers will always focus on making everything accessible to you. Bookies know how much accessibility matters to you. I only single out the offers I consider to give you the best value for your money.

New Customer Betting Offers

Are you new to sports betting? That’s great. I will now help you make sense of the many available bonuses. They are designed to make the experience smoother, and not just that.

New customers will always have a rather great selection of sports markets to pick from. What bonuses precisely will mostly depend on the individual bookie.

Yet, in my experience as a bettor myself, I can tell you there are quite a few to pick from.

If you are keen on finding betting offers for your new account, there will be plenty. You can start with a free bet that will range between €5 and €20, a rather decent starting capital.

In the meantime, you can also find various matched betting offers. They will offer to top off your bankroll by an amount equal to 50-300% of your original deposit.

These promos make for some of the best welcome offers you will find there. Furthermore, even as a new player, you will already find some exclusive betting options for individual games.

The world of sports is pretty much busy around the clock. That allows you to place your wagers on exclusive events with special promos tailored to that event alone.

When you think about it, there are quite a few new offers to claim right away. And the more competitive a sportsbook is, the better the overall returns you can expect.

But before you pounce at the first great-looking new customer offer, make sure to familiarise yourself with the wagering requirements. As I have said before, they are usually very favourable, but it never hurts to peruse the T&C’s in great detail yourself and see the exact conditions.

If you want to save yourself some time in research, just hop over to my table of recommended bookie bonuses.

Understanding Bookies Wagering Requirements

One point I feel we should touch in detail remains the wagering requirements. Unlike any other aspects of the online betting and gaming experience, sports still come with some of the most malleable and helpful T&C’s.

And that’s not just my opinion. Bookies usually end up paying the bulk of the total amount wagered back to our fellow punters. That’s your confirmation that the bookmakers I recommend are fair and trustworthy operators.

But speaking about the wagering conditions specifically, you should certainly know a few things. First, each bonus – regardless of its type – has a wagering requirement. This is most commonly to do with how many times you need to roll over the entire amount of the bonus.

So, if you make a €5 deposit and receive €10 as a bonus, you probably need to bet €10*8 to fulfil the bonus condition. Or, you have to place a total of €80 to clear the wagering condition and be able to cash out your money.

Another thing you need to know is that you will usually have a deadline to do so. This could be seven days, two weeks or a whole month. The rules will depend on the bookie you have picked.

Last but not least, you also have to make sure you understand the odds that you have to bet at. In my experience as a sports bettor, odds of 1.80 have been the most common condition. In other words, you must bet at odds of at least 1.80 for the bet you make to count towards the wagering requirements.

Sounds confusing? It really isn’t. As soon as you have deposited and claimed a bonus offer, you will see how easy it is.

Check Out the Deposit Bonuses

A deposit bonus is a sort of promotion you receive after making a deposit of your own. These deposits are usually capped, meaning that you can only receive a certain amount of money as the bonus.

Now, so far, we have talked about bonuses and their wagering conditions. I want to make sure you understand the concept of deposit bonuses completely. A deposit bonus is as its name suggests. That’s an extra amount you receive as soon as you make a deposit in a bookmaker.

The amount of a bonus always ranges. Most bookies would rather stick to tested formulas and offer you a 100% match amount up to €100, €200 or more. In the past year, I have seen a trend that most bookies offer smaller amounts.

Now, you would say – restricted, what’s that about? I assure you it’s nothing on the part of bookies trying to get an edge over you. Not at all. It’s just that after years of experience, it has been established for the fact that punters can focus better if they play with smaller bonus amounts.

That way, over 90% of all sports bettors manage to clear the wagering conditions, which is important. What about the other 10%? There is always a crop of punters who are too trigger-happy, and they might just ignore the T&C’s of a bonus and try to cash out before fulfilling the bonus requirements.

I personally believe that deposit bonuses in their current form are a real boon to the bettor. Not least of all, they are a huge part of the betting experience. So, you can rest assured there will be plenty of those to pick. Let’s check out a few that you definitely want to focus on.

Matched Betting Offers

First in the list are the matched betting offers. I will refer to these as the 100% bonuses, which will grant you a quick top-off of your account. They are usually available to new players. Rest assured that there are quite a few promotions, though; you can pick as a member of a bookie as well.

Betting Sign Up Offers

You are already familiar with these sign-up offers already. They offer you another quick way to boost your account. You will have access to this sort of bonus as soon as you register your account. Once you do, you could be eligible for a free bet or even free play money. There are other goodies designed to help out as well! Once again, don’t forget about the wagering requirements.

Betting Welcome Offers

The welcome offers are almost in the same category as sign-up offers and matched betting. I would like to elaborate quickly on them, though. A welcome offer can come in the form of a whole package. Whether that is an individual bonus or multiple deposit bonuses.

It means that you can claim a rather larger sum of money rather quickly. Of course, you will also have to prepare for taking a little longer in the very least to meet the associated wagering requirements.

Opting for welcome offers is certainly worth it. Especially if you already know for a fact that a sports betting venue is worth every penny you would spend. With this clarified, let’s have a look at some of the other available promotions.

Never Too Late for a Top-Off: The Reload Betting Offers

Another interesting type of promotion I recommend hotly is the reload bonus. You see, after completing your first bonus offer, you might be eager to get some extra funds. Who knows, you may have just retained the bulk of the bonus and want to repeat the feat.

The reload bonus is always handy, and once again – the wagering requirements are fairly low. You may even have to roll over the bonus requirement just once. As to the amount of the bonus, this will always depend on the bookie. You can usually expect to see 15%, 25%, 50% or even 75% if a particular bookie is feeling generous.

Profit from Your Losses: Rakeback

Now, you are probably not too eager to hear about “losses,” but if you are even a semi-experienced bettor, you already know that this is a normal part of the betting cycle. Unfortunately, no matter “how right” we are, we will sometimes end up missing the mark.

The good news is that there are always some great ways to claim back just a tiny bit of what you might have misplaced in terms of wagers. I find the Rakeback promotions to be just that. A Rakeback is the casino’s practice of returning some of your lost wagers back to you. That way, you can use the money again. And this time, hopefully, place more successful bets.

Are VIP Bonuses Worth It?

A question that has been asked again and again is whether you should actively seek to become a VIP player. The VIP systems of most sportsbooks in my experience allow you to accumulate points for every €1, €5 or €10 you bet. It varies.

Once you do, you will be awarded points. You can then trade the points in for Rakeback bonuses, merchandise and even tickets to actual sports events. There are various other upsides of going down this road as well.

For example, you can claim different rebates and insurances to optimise your betting game a notch. There are even some point multipliers as you progress throughout the levels.

Overall, these programmes aren’t bad at all. They allow you to get a little more value of your time, effort and money.

Bring Your Friends Over with Refer a Friend

Sports are extremely social phenomena. In other words, whether you watch them, participate in them or simply bet on them – you mostly want to do so in groups. Bookies are aware of the fact that people like to bring friends over all the time. They have created multiple opportunities to invite your friends and have fun.

Better yet, there are actual bonuses you can claim if you do. They will range in terms of amount. Most of them are as generous as a sign-up offer. That’s definitely an extra incentive there to bring your friends.

As a reviewer, I have invited quite a few friends over the years. Both to test the bonus system, but also to share a gem of a bookie with my mates.

Bonuses over Odds or Vice Versa?

Another big dilemma most sports bettors face is whether they should pick better bonuses or better odds. Now, in my experience, the best bettors out there really don’t care about bonuses. That is not to say that they don’t claim them.

Yet, they are busy analysing matches, and they would only claim the bonuses that are no hassle to fulfil. That explains why most bookmaker promotions have such small wagering requirements.

If pressed, I would say always pick the better odds out there over any bonus. Then again, remember that most odds will always vary from one event to the next. That is where the ability to juggle between a handful of bookies often comes in handy.

How to Always Claim a Bonus and Stay Informed

With so many bookies on your rotation and so many promotions coming your way, you are probably wondering: How can I always know what is coming my way and what the best promos are?

It can be a bit of a challenge – I will grant you that. But then again, there are some habits you can develop to make sure you never miss out on a great offer. Here is how I often stay on top of the latest sports bonuses. I am sure these tips will work for you:

  1. Sign up for the mailing list

A very simple decision that would allow you to always be in the know. Signing up for a bookie’s mailing list is your best way to stay on top of what the latest promotions are. You don’t have to check all the time. If a new bonus is available, it’s emailed to you. Simple as that.

  1. Jump on the social media hype

It is true that most bookies try to get you all hooked via social media. You can still hunt down quite a few cool promotions on your own, too. Bookies will blast you with social media ads. In the shower of new bargains, you can often single out one or two that are completely worth your while.

  1. Stay tuned

Not everyone has time to follow the bookies throughout the day, and quite frankly, I don’t think you should. It’s so easy to get anxious about making the “right decision,” that it might be better just to allocate time when you want to focus on sports betting and take the rest of the day off and away from the betting contests.

This is a proven formula for balancing your hobby with your day-to-day responsibilities.

Betting Offers on Different Sports

Depending on the sport, you may find a different type of bet. There are many big events that would excite quite the betting bonanza around them. You can participate at any time you wish.

Yet, all betting tastes just a little sweeter when you are placing wagers on your favourite event. That is why we are here today to talk about the promotions you can expect from different competitions.

Football Betting Offers

Football is, without a doubt, the busiest sport around the world when it comes to sports betting. From well-regulated markets to those acting in a more clandestine fashion, the sport excites a real flurry of betting around it.

Responding to current trends, bookies are quite keen on offering you the best possible bets for the sport. And across all possible competitions, whether that is the Bundesliga, English Premier Ligue, French Ligue 1, LaLiga or even Major League Soccer.

You will often find bets that invite you to place a wager on an individual match, for example. Conversely, you will have access to exclusive accumulators on a single match day. There are many ways the bookies will seek to excite your interest.

Basketball Betting Offers

Basketball is another big sport with global exposure and good betting followership from around the world. Most betting offers on basketball focus on match bets as well as future bets. As in division winners, which player will be voted an MVP and so on.

You can benefit from various offers that allow you to bet on the average points, rebounds and assist a player will make. Some promotions will focus on the player, whereas others will invite you to place a bet on the outcome of the game. Or, even the results by the half-time.

Overall, bettors can find an interesting variety of promotions to make their betting efforts a little more amusing.

Betting Offers for Specific Events

Another type of bets is the ones that we place on specific events. You see, there are things on the sports calendar that you and I are probably both looking forward to. And it’s at this point that we want to claim the best possible bonuses. They, in turn, would allow us to have the most fun during such events.

But before we pounce at the bonuses, it’s a good idea to mark our calendars and see what these big happenings in the world of sport actually are.

World Cup

The World Cup is, without a doubt, the event that unites the entire world. Whether your country is participating or not, or whether you love football in the first place, the World Cup has exclusivity written all over it, and it’s impossible to miss. Sportsbooks will bombard you with promotions even months before the event starts. They will ask you to try and guess the groups, qualifiers and other interesting developments.

There are all sorts of promos to pick around the time of the World Cup, for example. I can assure you – they can be quite profitable, too. After all, in their desire to have the most and best promos, many bookies often give us punters an advantage. And they usually find out about that the hard way.

European Cup

The European Cup is another big event that draws quite a bit of interest. Naturally, bonuses for the EC are popular. Each bookmaker is free to decide on what types of promotions they want to be featured across their front window.

European Cup invites a lot of individual bets on players, particular outcomes and especially matches. That, in turn, makes bookies more determined to offer some specific betting situations.

Champions League

Champions League is another proper football event that reveals numerous betting opportunities. Some of the best teams get to play in the event, and that draws millions of fans from around the world, making for a perfect opportunity to claim an exclusive new promotion.

Yet, you ought to ask yourself, as I always say, if the promotion on offer is actually something you need. Don’t get me wrong – I always find a promo I simply can’t say no to. All I am saying is just make sure you need a bonus.

You can always refer to the list of bookies and promos I think are the best for each event and season.

Grand National Betting Offers

You surely didn’t think that football is all there is to bet on, right? If there is one sport that attracts a real flurry of betting excitement that must be the Grand National.

Bets and odds for this event are released early on, and true horse racing fans have a chance to pick from multiple promotions. The Grand National certainly is one of the events that you will want to place a wager on.

Cheltenham Betting Offers

Not least of all, there is the Cheltenham Racecourse and the namesake event held there every year. If you are into horse racing events, you should definitely look out for the promotions for the event.

Yet, keep in mind that these promotions might not necessarily be part of the ‘sportsbook.’ You see, it is usually racebooks that offer bets on horse races. And a racebook may or may not be part of the sportsbook.

The logic here goes that horse racing is a bit more complicated. From the types of bets down to the knowledge and information, you need to make a successful bet. As a result, most bookies like to keep horse racing and sports betting separately.

Nevertheless, you can still find and claim quite a few fantastic promotions that are bound to make your day.

Don’t Miss Out on the Betting App Offers

Betting via mobile is the new black. Sports betting is all about how accessible an offer is. And, as you can imagine – mobile betting is the best way always to stay up-to-date. As a result, apps are very popular.

Why are apps actually a good idea when betting on sports? Well, there are at least several reasons for this. For starters, an app can only operate in a legal betting market. This saves you any unpleasant encounters with rogue bookies.

I have personally gone to some great lengths to review each individual app and the upsides. For both Android and iOS, I can confirm that they come with smooth gameplay and an awesome interface.

Of course, you also need to pick an app by a brand that you trust in full. With this being said, there are many things you would want to check. The availability of promotions is one of those.

Well, in my experience, I can confirm that every single promotion out there will be available for your mobile device. Apps are the most common entry point for sports bettors these days.

True, some bookies promote ‘mobile promotions,’ and it’s possible to see a ‘€25 no deposit bonus’ for mobile users. But then again, the same bonus will be available for anyone playing from a desktop computer.

I am mostly clarifying on this point, as I have seen some punters worry that they might have missed out on a great promotion because they have chosen one platform over another. In my experience, the best sportsbooks on the market today would never allow such an oversight.

A Final Line about Sports Betting Promos

Well, that was a long read! Hopefully, though, you are now fully prepared to enter the sports betting market and get a promotion that will get you a long way. It’s always fun and handy to have access to these betting promos. Each one is worth your while, but above all else – keep in mind that these promotions are often very mutable.

In other words, they will change from one month to the next and definitely from one event to the next. Put simply – you should focus on looking up the best bookies first and only then focusing on the promos. Luckily for you, I have made sure only to list the best bookies that offer great bonuses!


  • Is it easy to claim a sports betting bonus?

    Yes. Claiming a sports betting bonus is very easy, in fact. All you need to do is find a sportsbook that offers a bonus and make the minimum deposit. Keep in mind that there may be some other conditions for you to claim the bonus. For example, the bonus may be restricted to players from specific countries. Or, you may need to enter a bonus code. It’s always a good idea to familiarise yourself with the wagering requirements first. Only then should you claim a bonus and start using it.

  • What do I have to do to cash out my bonus and winnings?

    You must first fulfil all and any wagering requirements associated with your bonus. Once you are done with the so-called rollover requirement, you will be ready to request a withdrawal. Keep in mind that there are numerous small details that you need to fulfil first. The good news is that most bookmakers make it very easy for you to track your current bonus progression. You will have no trouble seeing how close you are to being eligible for bonus withdrawal.

  • Can I find a bonus as an existing sportsbook user?

    Yes, there are many brilliant options you can actually use! Some of the ones I recommend include many various offers. Event and game bonuses, i.e. promotions for individual events or game outcomes are very popular. There are also reload bonuses, which are the most common. They will allow you to keep your bankroll always healthy and well topped-off.

    Apart from that, you can also make the most of a Rakeback bonus. That is a bonus that is paid back to you based on a percentage of your losses. Another great offer is what you get as individualised promotions through the VIP offers of sportsbooks – where applicable.

  • Is it bad if I withdraw before meeting my wagering requirements?

    Mostly yes. Unfortunately, you will always have to fulfil the wagering agreements you have agreed to before withdrawing your money. Now, you can try to contact customer support and explain that you have accidentally withdrawn. For my part, I have never had a situation such as this. I am a compulsive reader and a stickler for the rules. If a sportsbook doesn’t want to reverse a withdrawal – wrongful or otherwise, though, you can’t blame the bookie.

  • What are sports bonus codes, and should I use them?

    Sports bonus codes are unique identifiers some bookies use to keep track of the bonuses they use. They also use them to help identify which bonuses generate the most interest. They are not a necessity today. Most bookmakers have moved on to methods of tracking bonuses that allow them to do everything automatically. However, there are still quite a few who want to give you that exclusive experience. I personally think bonus codes are still fun.

  • Do all bookmakers offer promotions?

    Yes, definitely. All bookies will have you covered when it comes to promotions. Now, you will notice that sports bonuses are usually smaller than casino bonuses, and there is a good reason for that. Bookies attract people who want to rely on their knowledge and understanding of sports to turn a small profit. On the other hand, casino games are mostly considered to be based on chance. As a result, sports betting promotions must be helpful and come with easy to fulfil wagering requirements. Hence why all bookies tend to offer promos as often as they can or see fit.

  • What specific restrictions are there that apply to sports betting bonuses?

    There are no restrictions as such, but rather – some conditions that have to be met first. For starters, you will always have to make sure you have rolled over the bonus at the pre-determined number of times.

    But there is more – the odds you bet at are also important. Most sportsbooks expect you to place wagers of at least 1.50. Plus, there is a deadline on how long you have to fulfil all bonus conditions.

  • What if I don’t receive my sports betting bonus even though I have claimed it?

    Sometimes it happens that the bonus allocation system of a sportsbook would misfire. In those cases, you can always reach to customer support and make sure that the bonus is credited.

    Keep in mind that some sportsbooks would ask you to be patient as the bonus might take up to 48 hours to be allocated. This is a standard bonus practice in many places, and you can verify this in the T&C’s of each bonus you pick.

  • Are there any specific deadlines to fulfil the bonus requirements?

    In most cases, you will have to fulfil the bonus by a given timeframe. Usually, seven days or a month, depending on the size and the type of bonus you are opting for. These deadlines are not at all difficult to meet. You will only have to stake your bonus around seven times in most cases. The only technical difference is that you will have to make sure there are enough events you want to bet on in the timeframe you are requested to bet in. If you are still unsure about the betting conditions, just refer to customer support. They will help clarify anything that lacks clarity.

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