Bitcoin Sports Betting

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency on the planet. Not only does Bitcoin hold the largest cryptocurrency market capital, but it’s also the most valuable crypto coin by far. Sure, there are thousands of other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin. But, Bitcoin was the first and is undoubtedly is the most popular one. In fact, all other cryptocurrencies get called “altcoins” as they get categorised as alternatives to this original cryptocurrency.

Naturally, betting with Bitcoin is also the preferred payment method at many sports betting sites. In fact, using Bitcoin is one of the most popular ways to make a cryptocurrency sports bet! Bitcoin blockchain transactions are safer than your regular credit cards and FIAT currency payment methods. This is because they offer an extra layer of pseudonymity and anonymity that these non-crypto currency payment methods don’t.

Aside from this and the mainstream use of Bitcoin, winning Bitcoins for wagers is also a plus. Bitcoins are a valuable investment. So, many people want to get their hands on them. Are you here to do exactly that by doing some Bitcoin betting? If so, then you probably want to know which are the best Bitcoin sportsbook sites? That’s why I have put together a list of the best Bitcoin betting sites for you!

Our top Bitcoin gambling sites feature tons of sports, amazing customer service, and more. On top of this, they accept your preferred cryptocurrency payment method – Bitcoin! So, join us to find out which are the absolute best online bookies to wager and win using Bitcoin! We’ll even help to to find the most lucrative Bitcoin bonus offers, as well!

Best Bitcoin Bookmakers


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Finding the best Bitcoin gambling sites online is no easy feat. There are tons of Bitcoin betting sites, but who’s to know with whom is worth wagering? They all claim to be the best, but this is not true! So, how to ascertain which Bitcoin sportsbook is the finest? Well, you have to look to those experienced with playing at online Bitcoin gambling sites, of course!

That’s where I come in! I give you objective advice and guidance. So, you can make the right choice about where to bet with Bitcoin. My list of the best Bitcoin betting sites is the perfect place to start your search. On top of this, I review each site. So, you know what to expect when you bet with Bitcoin on their Bitcoin sportsbook website or app. I measure each Bitcoin betting site on a variety of factors and rate them accordingly. So, you can pick the best Bitcoin sites of the lot, easily and quickly.

However, you may be wondering exactly what I look out for when I choose Bitcoin betting sites? Well, there are a variety of features that I search! Each of these factors is important to consider when selecting a Bitcoin sportsbook to gamble. After all, you want the best security, odds, payout, and rewards for all your Bitcoin wagers, don’t you?

Licensed & Regulated Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites

Playing at licensed and regulated online Bitcoin bookmakers is the only way to go. You see, not only is betting at unlicensed gambling sites illegal in most countries, but it’s also unsafe for you and your Bitcoins! Sure, Bitcoin betting is a little different from betting with FIAT currencies. Bitcoin transactions are decentralized and therefore not regulated the same as FIAT currency payments. As such, many crypto sites aren’t as regulated as FIAT currency betting sites, either. And, maybe that’s part of their appeal and why you like them? I get you. However, you still want to be able to hold the sportsbook accountable.

That’s why it’s so important to look for licensed online sports betting sites. They’ve gone to the trouble of registering themselves with a regulatory authority. So, they aren’t up to any funny business. And, if they do fall short, you can seek recompense. You see, if a licensed site doesn’t deliver on their words, promises, and promos, they might even be out of a license! So, be sure to check that your Bitcoin betting site has one in the first place!

Fantastic Bitcoin Sportsbook Welcome Bonuses & Free Bets

So, you’re signing up with an online Bitcoin gambling site now? If so, then you’re probably very excited by the prospect of claiming your welcome bonus! There are so many amazing new customer offers from which to choose. So, it’s easy to get confused, and it’s also possible to have the wool pulled over your eyes! You see, not all bonuses are on the same level. In fact, there are certain things you should consider when choosing a bonus. And, these factors aren’t just the actual bonus funds.

Firstly, there are many types of bonus promotions, including no deposit and deposit bonuses. These bonuses may or may not come with free bets. Or, the welcome offer could be only free bets and no bonus funds.

Aside from the different types of bonuses, there are wagering requirements for which to watch out, too! Lastly, in the case of some Bitcoin betting sites, you may only get a bonus in FIAT currencies, not Bitcoin.

That’s why it’s so important to compare the various bonuses available at all the sports betting sites. Luckily, you can find all the top Bitcoin sportsbook bonuses right here! Additionally, you can find out more about each sportsbook in my betting website reviews!

After all, a welcome bonus is just one aspect of sports betting. Choosing a site with great odds, customer support, and more is also essential! This is especially true if you’re going to wager your Bitcoins there regularly.

Low or No Bitcoin Transaction Fees at Bitcoin Betting Sites

When paying online, transaction fees really dampen the mood. With Bitcoin transactions, you can enjoy your money more with lower transfer fees. You see, Bitcoin doesn’t charge sportsbook a fee for processing your deposit. So, that leaves sports betting sites room to charge you lower fees when you make a deposit with them.

That’s just one reason why Bitcoin payments are preferable to non-crypto transactions. Of course, Bitcoin does charge you a fee and so might your Bitcoin wallet. But in most cases, the provider of your debit and credit cards would do so, anyway. So, Bitcoin transaction fees at Sportsbooks still trump most regular betting deposit fees.

Sometimes, Bitcoin sportsbooks may levy a fee, though. That’s why it’s best to look for ones that don’t have fees or have very low deposit fees. So, you can use this cash to make a bet with Bitcoin, instead!

Amazing Bitcoin Sportsbook Loyalty Rewards & Promotions

On top of a Bitcoin Betting sites welcome offer, there should be plenty of regular betting promos, as well. After all, getting customers in the door with free bets and bonus funds is easy. But, regularly offering exciting promotions shows a site really does value you as a customer. These promotions will also keep you coming back for more Bitcoin wagers!

There’s another great way for betting sites to show you love and retain customers like you, though! A loyalty reward program rewards you for all of your Bitcoin bets. These rewards could include VIP support, event tickets, bonus funds, and exclusive Bitcoin promotions! So, be sure to check out the loyalty program beforehand in my Bitcoin sportsbook reviews!

Highly-Rated Bitcoin Betting Sites

If a betting site ticks all the boxes, then it’s impossible for their regulars to keep quiet about them! Newer betting sites may take some time to make a name for themselves and become highly-rated. But eventually, customers like you will hear about them on the grapevine. So, be sure to listen out to what punters and I have to say! We’ll bring you the scoop on the latest new Bitcoin sportsbooks worth your wagers!

Bitcoin Sportsbook Sites With the Best Odds

When betting with any FIAT currency or cryptocurrency, you’ll want the best odds for your wagers. Why? Because if your wager wins, you’ll get a better payout! Choosing a sportsbook which offers you great odds on a regular basis is a good choice. So, be sure to watch out for sites with the best odds for your Bitcoin wagers!

Betting With Bitcoin Gambling Sites With the Best Customer Support

When things don’t go to plan, it’s important to have customer support on your side. Quality support means speedy replies and quick resolution of any issues that may occur. That’s why it’s so important that your Bitcoin betting site offers this level of service. Be sure to read more about each site’s support in my reviews and external customer reviews!

Alternatives to Bitcoin Sports Betting

Aside from Bitcoin, there are a whole lot of other cryptocurrencies. So naturally, you can make sports bets with these other cryptocurrencies, or altcoins, too. If you’re new to the world of Bitcoin betting and cryptocurrencies, you probably haven’t heard of these cryptos yet.

Not to worry! We’re here to enlighten you about Bitcoin sports betting and the other popular types of crypto sports betting options, too! On top of Bitcoin, there are some very popular options. These cryptos include Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Allsportscoin, and more.

We’ll discuss more about some of these to give you an idea of their pros and cons. So, read on to find out more about altcoin betting!

Ethereum Sports Betting

Ethereum is the second biggest cryptocurrency next to Bitcoin. As Ethereum is one of the top cryptos, you can find it as a payment method at a variety of online betting sites. These sites include dedicated crypto sports betting sites, as well as hybrid betting sites. Hybrid betting sites allow you to deposit with major cryptocurrencies as well as FIAT currencies. On the flip side, dedicated crypto betting sites only deal in cryptocurrencies. There is no use of the traditional ones. And, all bonuses, wins, and promos are usually available in the eligible cryptos, too.

Bitcoin Cash Sports Wagering

Bitcoin Cash is a new fork-off from the original Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It operates on its own blockchain and isn’t the same as Bitcoin even though it’s based on Bitcoin. You see, Bitcoin Cash got created to tackle Bitcoin’s slow and sometimes expensive transactions. With the Bitcoin Cash blockchain, each block is bigger than the standard Bitcoin block. This allows transactions to cost less and get transferred faster. This is one of the reasons that this crypto is gaining popularity so fast for sports betting and other payments online.

Litecoin Betting

On the same level as Bitcoin Cash comes Litecoin. Litecoin is well-known for its speedy transactions. These fast payments make it quite an appealing altcoin to use for sports betting. In fact, Litecoin payments are four times faster than Bitcoin payments. However, one Litecoin is considerably less valuable than one Bitcoin, too.

Ripple Online Gambling

When it comes to the Ripple cryptocurrency, it’s easy to get confused. You see, Ripple is crypto, but it doesn’t operate on a blockchain, at all. Instead, Ripple uses a distributed ledger system. So, it’s perfect for international transfers. In fact, Ripple is a decentralized currency exchange ideal for commodities trading. But, you can also use Ripple to deposit and partake in online gambling.

Allsportscoin Sports Wagering

The Allsportscoin is a newer altcoin. It got created by the company that brings you the All Football app. Sure, it isn’t nearly as popular or valuable as Bitcoin and other top cryptos, yet. However, this dedicated sports betting altcoin is one to watch.

Best Bitcoin Wallets for Sports Betting

Sure, Bitcoin is a new, revolutionary digital currency decentralised from FIAT currencies. But, there are some similarities with using Bitcoin and making a deposit with your cash or card. You see, much like these regular payment methods, you need to find a wallet account to hold your Bitcoins, too!

Similar to finding the best Bitcoin sports betting site, choosing the perfect wallet can be confusing, too. There are plenty of Bitcoin wallets out there. And, the type of wallet account that suits you will depend on your Bitcoin deposit values, Bitcoin stash, and spend. As with doing anything related to money and online gambling, it’s also vital that you do your research.

Reading customer reviews about each wallet is a must – as is comparing wallets on fees and other factors. Doing a check-up on the wallets security features and who holds the private keys is critical. After all, your wallet account is going to be storing your valuable Bitcoins, so you need it to be secure!

Furthermore, there are different types of wallets. These wallet types include paper wallets, cloud, desktop, mobile, cold storage, and hardware wallets. Each wallet type comes with perks and risks. You should definitely make yourself aware of these prior to creating your wallet account and storing your Bitcoins.


Betting with Bitcoin and altcoins is a new trend. As such, it can be hard to wrap your head around how to do Bitcoin betting. BettingRex is here to enlighten you. In fact, I want to help you find the best spots to bet with your Bitcoins! Plus, I help you to compare these sites and their Bitcoin betting bonuses, too! So, join us! You’re welcome to come along for the ride to get more out of your Bitcoin bets!

Bitcoin Sports Betting FAQ

  • Which sportsbooks are the best for sports betting with Bitcoin?

    There are plenty of Bitcoin sportsbooks. Each of these sites has it's pros and cons. The best sportsbook for you will depend on a variety of factors. So, it's important that you read my Bitcoin sportsbook reviews first to get an idea of what the site has to offer. If you want to find out which come highly-rated, though, you can find this info in my reviews, too.

  • How can I buy Bitcoin?

    In order to buy Bitcoin, you need to set up a wallet account and buy from an exchange using FIAT money. In some cases, your wallet may operate as an exchange, too. If not, you'll need to purchase Bitcoins from an available Bitcoin exchange in your region.

  • Can I buy Bitcoin on a sportsbook site in my account?

    In most cases, sportsbooks don't let you buy or sell Bitcoin on their platform via your site account. Instead, you can only use your Bitcoin sportsbook account to deposit, wager, and withdraw Bitcoins. The best way to get Bitcoins is to buy them from a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency exchange.