Boxing Betting Sites

    For a long while there, boxing has been one of the most popular sports, pulling in millions of spectators and generating hundreds of millions of cash for a single bout. Just by mentioning the name of a famous pugilist, you can excite millions of fans around the world and generate hundreds of thousands of forum posts, speculative opinions, and more. Today, our love for the sport is best captured by some of the best boxing betting sites. While we can’t really walk out in the ring against the monster athletes – and thank god for that – we can at least back the fighter we root for by placing a wager. I have collected a number of great bookies that offer just that:


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    For each of these bookies, I have made sure to check everything that may affect your betting on an important boxing match. I am not only going to talk about the headline tickets, such as Wilder vs Fury II or Joshua vs Pulev but also cover these websites that actually bother with the smaller fights. 

    One of my considerations is whether a bookie will release the markets earlier than other bookies. Some operators wait until a day or two before the actual event, which is alright, but it never hurts to have a few bets out sooner rather than later.

    best boxing betting sites

    Best Boxing Betting Sites

    To make things more exciting, you will probably want to hop on the best boxing betting sites there are, and there is definitely no shame in this. Look, I understand – there is not much value in sticking with second-hand bookies at best. 

    The truth is, you can get a much better value for your money by choosing a boxing gambling site that covers it all. So, how do I know if a website is alright and would be worth my money? I go through a few things myself first to see that everything is in order. Here is my go-to list, short, sweet and to the point:

    • Reputation
    • Markets
    • Odds
    • Payment 
    • Social proof
    • In-play markets

    There are many things I find great about a website, but I only make sure to wager at the top boxing betting sites there are. And so, reputation plays a great part. I, of course, listen to what the community says, but always have a thorough look-through myself before issuing any recommendations.

    Social proof is important, though. Yet, having a good number of markets matters. Yes, we can all look forward to the next fight between Wilder or Fury, or perhaps even GGG making a return. But what truly matters to a sworn boxing fan is the undercards, the small fights that have quite a few up-and-coming boxers.

    Odds, though, matter just as much. But truth be told, you won’t see odds really changing much from one bookie to the next. If there is a huge difference, it should be a mistake, or the bookie simply isn’t worth your while.

    That about sums it up. I always make sure that the betting site also has a neat variety of payment options, which is always handy.

    How to find the best odds for Boxing?

    Now, I have already mentioned that most top bookies will offer fairly the same odds with a few changes. Yet, I think it’s always worth delving into this a little deeper, a little further. For starters, betting boxing odds are easy to find. 

    Yet, you might be interested in something specific, such as early odds and markets. But why should it matter? Well, as soon as there is a rumour about a big fight coming up, you will already see how bookies and analysts value the bout as well as who the most likely winner is.

    That will give you sufficient name to make up your mind and pick a side. Of course, personal preference plays a huge role here, and that’s why many people are sworn Tyson Fury fans. Yet, many also bet on Deontay Wilder, and in fact, some 60% of all bets for their most recent fight went in the way of Wilder

    Boy, was everyone disappointed to see Wilder lose his hearing partially and come tumbling down under Fury’s punches? That example just goes to show that even if you get the best odds – which you most likely will – there are a lot of moving parts in boxing to consider as well. 

    New Boxing Betting Sites

    New boxing betting sites come with a fantastic number of betting opportunities. But first, let’s talk about the websites themselves. Any new website will try to one-up any established website. Better promotions, bigger bonuses, and very possibly a more functional overall offer.

    But why does functionality matter, you might wonder? Well, just think about functionality in terms of smooth mobile version or intuitive user interface. It makes sense to save yourself some hassle when betting. 

    Besides, most new sites actually specifically target payment options that give boxing fans a little more leeway when depositing and withdrawing with. Just think about Trustly or ApplePay, both of which make betting transactions so much easier. 

    Generally speaking, new boxing betting sites just try to get things better – whether it’s slightly better odds, more events and markets or simply convenience, you will see a number of reasons to bet online and at the newest sites.

    There is also the fact you can place flexible wagers. When you visit an established bookie, they might ask for a minimum bet of at least €5, but with some online bookmakers that accept boxing wagers, this amount could be as low as €0.50. 

    New betting sites also might have invested a fair bit in their customer support, available 24/7, which is another upside. 

    How Does Boxing Betting Work?

    1. Pick a boxing betting site
    2. Create an account 
    3. Make a deposit
    4. Pick a fight you want to bet on
    5. Back the fighter you want to back
    6. The bet slip will ask you to confirm your bet
    7. Collect your winnings

    Betting on boxing is actually a very straightforward process – one that definitely doesn’t cause you too much trouble, to begin with. What you need to do is pick a recommended betting site – I have already listed a handful. 

    Once you have a trustworthy bookie all selected, you have to decide what specific bet you want to place. In general, there are several options when choosing boxing:

    • Outright winner 
    • Round winner
    • Over/under
    • Propositions

    Each bet will basically ask you to take a stab at an outcome. With an outright winner, you are of course trying to pinpoint the winner of the bout. When it comes to rounds, you will try to predict the round winners or how many winners a fighter would win or lose.

    Over/under just goes to cover the total rounds you expect the fight to extend to. In each case, there are quite a few unknowns, and many people just prefer to stick with the winner of a fight. Of course, there are far fewer fights in boxing then there are games in a regular NBA basketball season, so it makes sense to be a little more daring with your boxing bets.

    Once you have decided on a bet, just click on the outcome you want to back, and the bet slip will reflect that change. Now you are waiting for what is hopefully a positive outcome. 

    Don’t Miss out on the Prop Bets

    In the meantime, there are some proposition bets you can place, too. For instance, you can bet Go the Distance or Known Down Specials, or Will a Fighter Deliver More Powerful Punches and so on. Some of those look rather arbitrary, too, but you may rest assured they are not. 

    Prop bets usually have a better yield, which makes them some of the most profitable boxing bets you can place today. Totally worth it, in my opinion. 

    So, What Are Cash Outs at Boxing Betting Sites?

    Now, the next thing we ought to talk about is the cash-out option. A fight can go on for a while, although rarely up to 40 minutes. Yet, in these 3-minute rounds, you will see a lot of action and, as you can guess, betting on a bout while it’s in progress is often a preferred option among fans.

    The cash-out option will simply prompt you to cash out some money or, conversely, take back the entire bet. The cash-out option is definitely handy when betting on boxing bouts. Now, the only downside is that you can’t decide when it’s offered. This is purely for the bookmaker to offer.

    Now, there is no downside or upside to a cashout, really. OK, maybe it’s better to be given a choice to cash out – half of your entire bet from time to time. Anyway, it will always come down to you being able to assess whether a bet is worth keeping or a quick cash out might be the wiser move.

    In a boxing match, though, anything can happen because punches fly and a lucky errant hit, such as the one game-breaking hit Andy Ruiz delivered against Anthony Joshua. Things change quite quickly, and trust me, even bookies make mistakes offering cashouts too early. 

    Pick Live Boxing Streaming Betting Sites?

    You must have heard about the live boxing streaming betting sites – the boy that’s even a mouthful to say. Put another way. These are boxing gambling sites where you can also watch the live stream.

    It’s a great way to combine two hobbies in one. Yet, there are a few things that you need to know about these streams. I will start by stating outright that they are very handy and definitely do the trick.

    But there usually is a delay, which can make it somewhat hard to keep up with both the live odds and the screen. So, there are some live boxing betting tips I would like to share with you:

    1. Make sure the website has a good track record offering legitimate live boxing 
    2. Check out the Terms & Conditions to see what the delay is and if huge delay occur
    3. Check if the website passes social proof and whether fellow boxing fans give it good track record – Reddit is a great place to check more so than any other website or forum 
    4. Make sure there is a cash-out option after all. You would want to have the biggest leeway possible when it comes to living betting

    If the live boxing site that you follow has these features and the stamp of approval by your fellow boxing fans, you might as well go ahead and give it a go. I have also recommended quite a few decent boxing sites to try yourself, so don’t miss out on those ones as well! 

    What Promotions Are Available at Boxing Betting Sites?

    Boxing sites pretty much cover all you could ask for when it comes to promotions. You will get access to welcome packs, special one-off promos for a big fight, reload bonuses, and refer to a friend bargain deals.

    There is hardly any bad bonus you can grab, but it always pays off to keep an eye out for the terms and conditions. It’s mostly to do with the off-season. Sometimes, there simply aren’t enough fights to bet on, and you might be stuck with your bonus.

    The upside is that boxing sites always have a whole lot of other markets to bet on. Not least of all, you can always bet on a UFC bet, which is definitely a viable alternative, although the difference between boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) is huge, make no mistake. 

    Boxing Betting Tips

    Pleasing a successful boxing bet is a matter of experience, understanding of the current powerhouses in the sport and no small amount – sticking to the best possible practices in betting. You see, some people only come around to just bet on the biggest tickets, but there are those true boxing fans who don’t mind betting throughout the entire year, and they will give you the fairly same list of boxing tips:

    1. Be smart about your money. Bankroll management is important – just because you can afford to risk a lot doesn’t mean you should.
    2. Bet on the fighters you know well. Even if it’s some small-timer, if you have followed them for a while, you should be fairly aware of what they can and cannot do.
    3. Consider boxing round betting and squeeze extra value of a fight you understand well. Don’t get stuck to match winners only.
    4. Don’t forget to check for a viable bonus as well – scour the Internet for the best bookies, odds and markets.
    5. Don’t hesitate to push your knowledge. Boxing round betting is one of the most lucrative types of wagers you can place. Sure, it comes with its own set of challenges, but once you learn to read boxer’s playstyles and giveaway signs of fatigue or dominance, you are bound to hit a few successful, high-paying wagers.

    Of course, the best piece of advice that you can carry with yourself is – love boxing. Watch the fights, read the news and join the discussion topics on Reddit. The longer you spend around your hobby, the more knowledge you will accumulate – plain and simple.

    And even if a few wagers turn losers, don’t worry too much about it. Your next boxing bout will surely go your way.