Both Team To Score Bonus
Guides 05-05-2020

Both Team To Score

These days there are lots of interesting and exciting bets that football betting operators offer. Gone are the days when punters could only bet on the match winner market. What is more, betting enthusiasts are slowly moving away from these traditional markets themselves. They feel that the stress which comes with picking one team to […]

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handicap betting tips
Guides 29-04-2020

Handicap Bet Meaning

What is handicap betting? In sports betting lingo, the handicap noun refers to the advantage/disadvantage sportsbooks give to one team/player. Handicap bet has many synonyms, probably the most famous of which is the point spread bet. Sports betting handicap has nothing to do with any kind of physical or mental handicap. Instead, the player/team is […]

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corner betting sites
Guides 15-04-2020

Corner Betting

Even though corner betting is not the most popular choice of bettors, you shouldn’t entirely ignore it. Betting on corners brings you plenty of opportunities to make money. I am going to explain to you everything you need to know about corner bets. You will learn which corner betting markets you can pick, how to […]

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draw no bet betting sites
Guides 15-04-2020

Draw No Bet

Draw no bet or DNB is a type of wager that most sports betting sites have in their offer. Still, there’s a large number of bettors who have no idea how this betting market works. What does draw no bet mean? How to make these sorts of bets and where? These are all the questions […]

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