Uncategorized 25-11-2021

Smart Tips for Winning in Roulette

Roulette is a widely played game at both online and physical casinos. With a variety of roulette variations in the online gambling space, the popularity of this exciting game has continued to increase. For this reason, this guide seeks to walk you through some well-proven tips and strategies that could help increase your chances of […]

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Uncategorized 04-08-2021

Top Benefits of Playing with Crypto

Numerous industrial businesses have already integrated blockchain technologies flawlessly, and the online gaming industry is the latest to be transformed by this technology. Indeed, cryptocurrency is upending the casino sector. Bitcoin is increasingly being used to make deposits and withdrawals at online casinos, either directly or through third-party services such as Skrill and Neteller. Let’s […]

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Uncategorized 14-07-2021

SixSlots Review

SixSlots is an all-around virtual database showcasing the best of what the online gambling world has to offer. The virtual premises are packed with well-researched, unbiased reviews on the best online casinos, bonuses, providers, and games. In addition to that, players find a section covering the latest news in the iGaming world, live stream gambling […]

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Uncategorized 28-06-2021

Why Do We See Finnish Sports Betting Sites Offer Casino Games?

Gaming in Finland is highly upheld. There is a large number of casino game enthusiasts and sports betting lovers. However, unlike other players worldwide, Finnish players are not majorly interested in common sports such as soccer. They will bet on soccer, tennis, basketball, and other common sports games but not as they do ice hockey […]

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Uncategorized 28-05-2021

Regulated Online Gambling Industry in Denmark

Denmark’s gambling market was partially liberated from government monopoly in 2012 with the introduction of the Gambling Act. Since 1948, state-owned Danske Spil was the sole operator in charge of hosting a range of games of chance like bingo, keno, lottery, and other instant games. However, the Danes’ old rules were deemed too stringent as […]

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Uncategorized 04-02-2021

Premier League Winner Odds for 2020/21

Manchester United’s odds of winning slipped to 16/1 in the Premier League 2020/21 after a week of adding just 1 point to the leaderboard. City went up against Arsenal and Sheffield United in the period. Liverpool are back to being the second favourite to win the Premier League after beating West Ham United this weekend, […]

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Uncategorized 04-02-2021

What Lessons Can We Learn from the Norwegian Gambling Monopoly?

The Nordic nations of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland share countless similar legislations. This was true till 2010 when Denmark decided to do away with the state monopoly on gambling and introduce a license-based system in 2011. Sweden decided to follow suit and in 2019 announced a similar move. Norway and Finland, however, still have […]

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Uncategorized 18-01-2021

Australian Open Problems Mount as a Player Tests Positive

A player who was scheduled to take part in the Australian Open has tested positive for Covid-19. Tournament officials didn’t disclose the identity of the player, but this latest infection means that there are at least nine people who have contracted the virus and are now in quarantine in Melbourne. Staging of the Tournament a […]

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Uncategorized 21-12-2020

How COVID-19 Affected Latvia’s Gambling Industry

While online gambling has caught on over the last few decades, the lockdown due to the global pandemic accelerated its outreach tremendously. While social distancing norms forced physical casinos and other gambling hubs to stay shut, online gambling operations continued to thrive. And it’s safe to assume that the demand is here to stay. While […]

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Uncategorized 18-02-2020

Privacy Policy

Welcome to Bettingrex.com. By using the Site, you agree to this Privacy Policy as well as the constitutional rules outlined in any of the other relevant footer pages that focus on our terms of use. By visiting the website and its continual use, you agree that we may transmit your data to our partners to […]

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