Crypto Sports Betting

Much like the origins of crypto transactions are hard to trace, so are the beginnings of sports betting. However, we do know this activity has been around for at least a few thousand years. What’s also plain to see, is that this old pastime has evolved with and adapted well to new tech advancements.

Online sports wagering isn’t new; it’s been around for decades. Online gambling has been available for a little longer. In-play betting was even around before online wagering or gambling. How? Well, punters would call into the bookie’s office to make a bet during the game! So naturally, online in-play betting was a hit when it got introduced. – as is convenient mobile gambling and sports betting.

But lately, a new trend has been catching on! What is it? Why, it’s crypto sports betting, of course. For those of you who know about crypto sports betting, this is a very exciting option indeed. That’s why I’ve gathered some of the best crypto sports betting sites and bonuses for you to discover.

And, for those who aren’t familiar with cryptocurrencies, don’t stress. Listen up to find out more about what cryptocurrency sports betting is all about! I’ll go over the types of cryptocurrencies in which you can make a bet. On top of this, we’ll cover some of the most exciting crypto bonuses that you can claim today!

So, let’s get into it, then!

The Best Crypto Sports Betting Sites

To be the best, a crypto sports betting site can’t simply accept wagers. No, it needs to offer punters like yourself much, much more. If you’re new to online cryptocurrency betting, then it’s understandable that you may overlook these important site features. But, it’s critical for all online gamblers, including yourself, to tick these off your betting site bucket list.


100% up to €300 Welcome Bonus

??Sports Wagering
?Cool Newbie Bonus
?Sleek Mobile Website


110% up to €1000 Welcome Bonus

??Instant Cashouts
?Tournaments and VIP program
??Lucrative Welcome Bonus


100% up to €100 Welcome Bonus

??Sports betting opportunities
?Juicy promotions
?Loyalty Program


10% Cashback up to mɃ 400

?Esports betting
⚡Fast withdrawal


Get 100% Up to €100 Welcome Bonus

?A lot of sportsbetting options
?Good welcome bonus
?Nice loyalty program


100% up to €100 Bonus

?Special Promo Code
⚡Fast Payouts


100% Up to €2500 with JOIN125 code

??Good range of sports market
?Cryptocurrency usage
?Excellent bonuses


100% Up to €1000 Welcome Bonus

?Large coverage of sports
?Bonuses are quite substantial in number
?Customer support is open 24/7


100% up to €122

?User-friendly Mobile App
✔Various betting options
?€122 Bonus


Get Up to 7 BTC Welcome Bonus

?Many live stream options are available
?Support for several cryptocurrencies
⚡Withdrawals can be completed in a very fast manner


100% Up to €100 Free Bet

?Wide range of sports booking options
✅Various types of betting markets
?24/7 live chat

Here at BettingRex, you can bet that we take note of all of these criteria. After all, I am here to pick the best cryptocurrency sports betting sites for you! But, what exactly are the crucial features to look for in an online crypto sportsbook? Well, there are many features, but here are the most important ones.

Licensed & Regulated Bookies For Crypto Betting

A vital step when selecting an online crypto sports betting site is to check that it’s licensed. These kinds of online establishments have gone to the trouble to get their license to prove themselves trustworthy. External commissions and authorities regulate licensed crypto betting sites.

These establishments ensure that the site is operating legally within laws and regulations. Gambling commissions and authorities can also revoke a license or blacklist a sportsbook. This can happen if the sportsbook does not adhere to the laws and other regulations, like responsible gambling rules.

Playing on licensed sites is legal, safe, and the only choice when it comes to online gambling. So, make sure yours is licensed long before signing up or making any deposits!

Top-Rated Crypto Betting Sites

In order to be the best, a sportsbook needs to earn its reputation with many punters. If you’re looking for the best place to drop some of your cryptos on a match, ask others. Luckily, you don’t need to literally ask strangers in person; you can just read customer reviews!

Browsing through customer reviews and external site reviews from trusted sites like ours is a good choice. Why? Because we give you objective, fair, and correct information on each crypto sportsbook. So, be sure to check out what we have to say here first!

Sports Betting Sites With the Best Odds

The easiest way to tell if a crypto sportsbook is really doing the best for you is to check its odds! The top cryptocurrency betting sites will want to offer their valued customers great odds. After all, the best way for a site to keep you coming back to make your wagers is to offer you competitive odds!

Understanding betting odds may be confusing for new players. If you’re one of them, then you might know the feeling. So many odds formats – and those mathematical equations! Let’s just say that they take you back to less-than-enjoyable maths classes you’d prefer to forget. We get you!

However, it’s vital that you learn more about this aspect of sports betting. This is especially true if you want to be successful with online gambling. Sure, a lucky bet may surface if you’re just in this for fun. But, if you want to stand a much better chance of winning, leaning on luck won’t do. So, be sure to inform yourself and read up on odds in my helpful betting guides!

Crypto Sites With the Best Customer Support

It’s easy for an online sportsbook to talk the talk. Big bonuses, tons of free bets, mouth-watering promos; they might promise the lot! But, can they keep you satisfied when things go awry? Is their friendly customer support team there answering your emails and calls asap?

On top of this, is the issue resolved quickly with little complaints or follow-up from you? If not, then it might be time to move along to a new spot with better customer support. After all, there are so many amazing cryptocurrency betting sites.

So, why waste your time with ones that treat you like a number? If this is your situation, be sure to check out our list of the top crypto sites. They’re here to offer you the best, including some of the best customer service in town!

Hybrid Gambling Sites

If you’re someone who likes to deal in FIAT currency just as much as you do in cryptocurrencies, then these sites are for you. They don’t just accept crypto as one of their currency payment methods. No, they also allow you to pay with other currencies like the US Dollar. They might even offer betting winnings in Fiat currencies, too. Perhaps they’ll even allow you to pay in multiple cryptos!

You see, hybrid sites offer you a variety of currencies, including cryptocurrencies with which to wager and win. So, they’re perfect for multi-currency punters like you. After all, you don’t want to miss out on loyalty points or flit between multiple sites, do you? So, be sure your betting site has it all when it comes to what currencies it accepts.

Dedicated Cryptocurrency Betting Sites

Are you all about crypto and want your payment methods, winnings, and bonuses only in your chosen cryptocurrency? If so, then these dedicated crypto sites are the ones for you! They don’t mess around with crypto to FIAT currency exchanges. Nor do they expect you to figure out how much bonus you get in cryptocurrency.

On these sites, you also won’t need to calculate how much crypto you’ll get if your wager wins. Instead, the winnings will be in cryptocurrencies only. You see, at dedicated cryptocurrency sports betting sites, FIAT currencies don’t have a place. You get access to dedicated crypto bonuses, winnings, and promos on these sites. So, you can enjoy the tailored crypto rewards, winnings, and bonus funds for which you’re looking.

Top Crypto Sports Betting Bonuses to Claim Today!

Sportsbook bonuses are on offer at most online gambling sites, and crypto sports betting sites are no different! Yes, apart from your regular bonuses, you can also claim free crypto bets and bonus funds! There are a variety of cryptocurrency bonuses available online, which we’ll discuss below.

However, if you’re gambling at a hybrid casino, you may just get access to the regular Fiat currency promos. So, be aware of this when looking for a casino sign-up bonus.

Now, let’s get into the most common types of cryptocurrency betting bonuses! You’ll find these at many crypto sports betting sites.

Matched First Deposit Bonus

A first deposit bonus is the number one online sportsbook promotion for new customers. With the crypto first deposit bonus, you have to sign up with an online cryptocurrency sportsbook and make your first deposit to claim yours. You then get a certain percentage of your deposit as a bonus.

In fact, these bonuses are packed full of bonus funds up to or even over 100% of your first deposit. Each crypto sports betting site has its own offer, so be sure to check out how much is on offer. Plus, they may include some extras like a free bet or two!

No Deposit Cryptocurrency Bonus

No deposit bonuses are a great way to start off your wagering with a betting site. With these betting bonuses, you don’t need to make a deposit at all. Instead, you get access to a set amount of bonus funds. On the plus side, these bonuses can be more lucrative for new players looking to deposit a small amount.

On the downside, they may be less generous for those who’ll be depositing a large sum. If you’re signing up with a new sportsbook, take note of this. After all, you’ll want to find the best welcome bonus for you. You see, you won’t be able to claim another new player bonus from the same site again. So, choose wisely!

Cryptocurrency Free Bets

Depending on the sportsbook, there are a variety of welcome bonuses available. In fact, many crypto betting sites may not even offer bonus funds at all. Instead, they may have free bets available for new players signing up. Or, they might include these with the bonus funds mentioned before.

With free bets, you can make crypto wagers on real sports events. So, you stand to win real money from them! Just be sure to check the free bet terms and conditions. You see, these free bets might be subject to sports event and odds limits. So, be sure to check the terms to find out which events, sports, and betting odds on which you can use them.

Acca Insurance at Cryptocurrency Gambling Sites

Acca’s or accumulator bets are a very popular type of bet for punters to make. They offer a bigger payout than most other bets, but you do have a much lower chance or odds of winning them. You see, when you make an Acca bet, you place a bet on the outcome of multiple sports events, not just one event. In most cases, if your bet on one of these matches is incorrect, you lose the whole Acca.

With this in mind, sportsbook came up with a great idea – to offer money back to those who lose their Acca bet! Thus, Acca insurance was born. Now, this type of promo is also a bonus offered to new and even regular punters. Depending on the Acca insurance promo, you could get a small amount of your wager back as a free bet, bonus funds, or money. Be sure to check the Acca terms to find out more about each offer.

Crypto Enhanced Odds, Odds Boost, and Price Boosts

Do you ever wish you could have a better chance of winning your bet? Well, with these offers, you can do something similar! You see, these promos provide you with better-than-usual odds on selected sporting events. They may not make your bet more likely to win, but at least they’ll give you a better payout if you do win!

After all, no one can force an outcome for a sporting event. That’s all part of the fun. Your best bet in this department is to make a wish and hope that lady luck grants it!

These types of crypto promotions can get offered to new and existing customers alike. But, be sure to check the terms to see how the winnings get paid out. You see, some crypto sportsbooks pay these out in free bets or bonus funds, not in money which you can withdraw immediately.

Your Crypto Sports Betting Options

When it comes to betting with cryptocurrencies, you have plenty of choices. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies. But, only a handful reign supreme.

The online sportsbook at which you choose to gamble should offer your preferred cryptocurrency. But, you may wonder which cryptocurrencies are the top ones to use for betting?

Well, let us fill you in, but bear in mind, these are just a few of many cryptocurrencies available!

Bitcoin Betting

Betting with Bitcoin is one of the most popular ways to make a cryptocurrency wager. Other than the fact that Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, it’s also the top of one. First created by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, Bitcoin, otherwise known as BTC, now holds the majority of the market share of any cryptocurrency.

As such, you can find this cryptocurrency accepted at many online sportsbooks, including hybrid sportsbooks. Many punters would love to win Bitcoins as well, so it is a popular option at dedicated cryptocurrency betting sites, too. In fact, Bitcoin betting is very common.

When you deposit, withdraw, or bet Bitcoin, you’ll have to use smaller denominations, though. This is because one Bitcoin is so valuable! So, it makes no sense to bet with Bitcoins. Instead, the ideal denominations for betting on Bitcoin includes satoshis (SAT), millibitcoins (mBTC), bits (µBTC), and centibitcoins (cBTC).

Bitcoin Cash Sports Wagering

Bitcoin Cash, otherwise known as BCH, isn’t the same as Bitcoin. This altcoin is a forked-off cryptocurrency that is modelled on Bitcoin but has its own blockchain. There is a good reason this currency got created. You see, Bitcoin transactions take much longer and sometimes cost more than your average FIAT currency card payment.

In order to solve this issue, Bitcoin Cash got created as a newer, faster, and cheaper alternative. It’s not nearly as popular as Bitcoin, but it’s gaining ground fast. As such, you won’t find this cryptocurrency available as much as Bitcoin is for betting. But, Bitcoin Cash is still a popular option enjoyed for its speed and affordability.

Ethereum Sports Betting

Ethereum, or ETH, is the second biggest of all the cryptocurrencies. Despite this, its market capital still only comes in at a fraction of Bitcoin. But, you can definitely use this cryptocurrency to wager at a variety of online sportsbooks. In fact, you can find as many Ethereum betting sites as Bitcoin bookies.

Ethereum is much less valuable, too. So, it is a bit easier to make wagers with one ETH. Of course, a one ETH win is much less lucrative than a one BTC win, as well. So, bear this in mind when viewing ETH betting prizes and prices.

Litecoin Sports Wagering

Litecoin, also known as LTC, is one of the top ten cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin. It shares a similar market share as Bitcoin Cash. Litecoins are also much less valuable than Bitcoins. But, as with Ethereum, this can make gambling and wagering with one LTC simpler. It also runs on a newer script than Bitcoin and features faster transactions.

Ripple Sports Betting

Ripple or XRP is another of the top ten cryptocurrencies, which says a lot. You see, there are so many cryptocurrencies that being in a top ten spot is definitely an achievement. But, this payment method is a bit different. You see, Ripple doesn’t operate on a blockchain. It operates on a distributed ledger system optimized for currency exchange, instead. In fact, this system is designed to be safer and cheaper than the typical SWIFT bank transfer system.

You see, most international transfers involve currency exchanges which slow them down. With these transactions, the money usually gets changed into its US Dollar value during the exchange process. Ripple transactions are faster because they change the money into XRP instead. This allows Ripple exchanges to avoid hefty fees and long transfer times. Now, you can find this slightly different cryptocurrency available as a wagering currency at selected sportsbooks, too.

Allsportscoin Sports Betting

The Allsportscoin or SOC is something quite exciting for the sports betting world. You see, this cryptocurrency got created specifically with sports betting and punters like you in mind. It may not be one of the biggest or most-established cryptocurrencies, but its one to watch. With it, All Football, the creators of the popular All Football app bring their followers this unique crypto option.

In fact, the company used its following and presence to successfully launch this crypto. Now, you can find it amongst other cryptocurrency payment methods at select sportsbooks. It operates on the Ethereum platform. Naturally, the United States Dollar value of a SOC is also much, much less than BTC, ETH, and other top cryptocurrencies.


Betting online with cryptocurrencies is not only popular, but it’s also gaining more ground as time goes on. More and more online sportsbooks are jumping aboard the betting-with-cryptocurrencies bandwagon. So, it’s not difficult to find great sites at which to start betting with one of the many cryptocurrencies, including the ones mentioned above.

On some sites, you can use a variety of cryptocurrencies, or just one. You can also win cryptocurrencies and claim them as bonuses on these sites. If you sign up with other sportsbooks, you can enjoy betting with FIAT and one or more cryptocurrencies. So, you really are spoilt for choice. As such, it can also be challenging to choose one at which to do your betting.

Not to worry! Here at BettingRex, you can easily find the best cryptocurrency sportsbooks with which to wager. My info-packed reviews inform you about what each site has to offer. You can even compare the finest sportsbook offers here! So, come and benefit from the vital info we have to share with you!

Crypto Sports Betting FAQ

  • Where can I use my cryptocurrencies to make sports bets?

    You can make sports wagers at a variety of online sportsbooks. Check my list of the best cryptocurrency sports betting sites, in which I list all the top ones to bet in your region.

  • How can I find the best cryptocurrency welcome bonus and free bet offers?

    If you want to find the best welcome offer you need to compare them and crypto sportsbooks first. You can do this quickly and easily on my site. I review the top online sportsbooks and bring you the latest and best bonuses!

  • Is crypto betting safe?

    Yes, it is. In fact, some crypto betting sites are safer than traditional ones.