Free Bets

Free bets are some of the most popular types of wagers you can place today, and their reputation is justified.

The essence of this type of wager is straightforward. You are awarded an amount you can now place without any risk to your own bankroll.

Today, I bring you the most up-to-date list of free bets. I have picked and reviewed a number of viable bonuses that will help you gain better value for your betting money.


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Free bets today tend to be fully focused on the punter. They offer a mix of pliable wagering conditions and quick cashouts. Both of which strike home with sports bettors.

In light of this, I want to walk you through all you need to know about these types of wagers. And, more importantly, how to make the best use of them.

betting free bets

What Types of Free Bets Are There?

Let’s talk about free bets in broader brushes. You can interpret a free bet as any type of promotion that grants you ‘free money’. Whether it is in exchange for a deposit or just as a form of gratitude for having signed up. For example, some casinos offer these promotions as soon as you open an account and confirm your identity. I would like to draw your attention to several main categories of bets.

Matched Bets

Matched bets are, as the name suggests, a type of wager, where you deposit an amount of money, and it is matched at a varying percentage. Usually, that is 100% to 300% on your first deposit.

This matched bonus amount is what constitutes the ‘free bets’ you need to use. However, do keep in mind that these bets will come with their own set of wagering requirements. Just like any other free bet, really.

Deposit Bonuses

There are deposit bonuses that specifically award you a free bet if you manage to meet the minimum depositing requirements.

In most cases, a bookie would ask you to deposit €25 or more on a specific sport. This could be football or something else, mostly depending on the sites offer. After all, there are at least 30 different sports bookies cover these days.

The free bet offer could be restricted to a specific day, and then again, you will also need to check the overall odds. They are usually listed as 2/1 (1.5). That is to say, you should place your bet at odds of minimum 1.5.

Only real money bets qualify towards a bonus fulfilment criteria which will be specified in the bookie website’s T&C’s, but in the case of free bets – your free bet is already considered ‘real money,’ so don’t worry about this.

What Are Risk-Free Bets?

Now, one of the hottest types of promotions is the risk-free bet. They are also known as ‘no-lose bets.’ As their name tellingly suggests, you are looking at an opportunity to place a bet. If the bet flops, you will simply get reimbursed and are allowed to make another bet.

This type of wager is one of the most sought-after. It effectively gives players an opportunity to take more risks and bet on somewhat more volatile games or, bet on matches and any sporting contest they prefer.

Of course, your maximum wins off this bet type will have a natural cap. That means you can’t turn a free bet into a €1,600 payout. Still, you can add a decent sum of money to your bankroll. Why not start with a great bankroll all the same.

Don’t Overlook the Bonus Bundles

You probably thought there couldn’t possibly be any more types of free bets left unexplored. Well, here are and here come the bonus bundles. They are promotional packages, similar to the deposit bonuses. And they ask you to place a specific deposit and award you a pre-determined number of free bets in return.

For example, you could deposit €100 and receive €50 in free bets. Or even deposit €10 and receive €30 in free bets. The bonuses will always vary, and nothing is too strange.

One of the reasons why that lies in the fact that bookmakers are very competitive by nature. In Europe, in particular, you will see dozens of excellent and trusted brands. Each of which will have its own way of introducing you to free bets.

Don’t Miss Out on the Free Bets No Deposit

Perhaps the most desirable type of free bet is, without any doubt, the no deposit free bet. This is the ultimate token of appreciation bestowed upon players.

All you need to do is sign up, verify your identity and begin playing. The amount of this bet will also vary – from €5 in some places to €10 in others. Some free bets can be granted over time, for example, 4 x €5 free bets.

Others can be paid in a lump sum. Either way, you will definitely find these promotions helpful in the fullest.

Free Bets for Events

Apart from the hype to join casinos, bookmakers also like to keep people stoked throughout the year. Different big matches and games, fights or races all mandate a proper incentive to bet on them. And this is precisely where the free bets for specific events come handy.

Each bookie will advertise their free bets ahead, or around the time of the event. Especially those events that bookies expect to generate more sports handle. That is not to say that you can’t benefit, though. Quite to the contrary, there are plenty of great opportunities to pounce on upon yourself.

Allow me to focus your attention on some of the main events and the free bets. They will certainly come with a few free bets.

Free Football Bets

There is so much that you can bet on when it comes to football. Europe and England are action-packed, and the various top-tier leagues offer dozens of games almost every day during the season.

You can bet on anything you can think of. Whether that is La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, and especially the English Premier League (EPL). And with this, free bets are always not too far from you.

Premier League free bets are many and varied. Indeed they definitely get a prime spot with most bookies. These bookies are ever so eager to provide you with fresh and exciting opportunities to place a wager.

Football free bets will truly cover every single day. You can have a special offer just for the weekend games, or perhaps for a big event. Can you imagine cashing out a free bet on Liverpool beating Barcelona after being three goals behind?

That is the sort of situation in which a free bet would pay out in full. You turn a seemingly small wager into a massive payout notwithstanding the natural hard cap on the maximum payout. And if you were wondering, the ‘hard cap’ is the maximum amount you can win from a free bet.

Free Grand National Bets

Next on the list come the free Grand National bets. The Grand National reunites horse racing fans for one of the best and most iconic British horse races. Free bets, though are not necessarily only offered by bookies.

Dedicated horse racing books make sure to cover the race in great detail. They offer suitable bets and promotions to make sure your while is worth it. To be honest, though, there aren’t too many free bets for this race as such.

You can still use the deposit and match events bets, certainly. However, you won’t be able to use a risk-free wager, because once the race finishes. You cannot replace your wager until the next event. This is no big deal at all. And what promotional free bets you can claim for the Grand National are still very much worth your while.

Then again you can use a risk-free wager on some other sport. There is always a way to make the most of a risk-free bet.

Free Cheltenham Bets

Horse racing is indeed a national past time in many countries across Europe. And it is no surprise that bookies will cover an extensive selection of possible bets. Cheltenham is a remote countryside village, but it has for years now hosted one of the most entertaining horse races.

Not surprisingly, the opportunities to place a wager, and claim a free bet, have been plentiful. While free bets for this race are certainly tempting, remember to only bet on Cheltenham if you are a true horse racing fan.

And whether you like to bet or not, it would be a bit hard to ignore this amazing opportunity. With free bets waiting for your left and right, you are in for an honest treat.

Free Bets on Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is another royal jewel when it comes to flat racing. The event lasts for five straight days, giving bettors numerous opportunities to produce a successful wager or two. And the best part is you needn’t worry about just registering to get the free bet.

As things stand, bookies will always have free bets for you regardless of your status. You may just be joining the bookmaker’s site or have established yourself as a loyal sport betting aficionado over the years.

How to Find the Best Free Bet Offers?

Finding the best free bets out there has never been simpler. I have personally reviewed hundreds and can tell you that there are quite a few that are worthwhile! Ultimately, I will only recommend you the best one that can truly make a difference to your next bet.

I assume that you don’t get all new free bets deposited straight into your email as I do. But don’t worry, that is what I call an occupational hazard. Sifting through hundreds of viable free bets, though, has given me insight into which ones are best.

Far more importantly, it’s given me an understanding of how to determine if a free bet is worth your while. And look, I will be honest. I can’t last remember the time when I thought a free bet was a bad idea.

All bookies offer these teasers in the hopes of securing you as a punter. Now, most of the time, we tend to stick with the same bookmakers. Every so often, we want to change for something fresher. Or in the very least – something different. So, with this in mind, here’s how I find the best massive free bets out there.

Look for a Bookmaker You Can Trust

Reputation is a big deal these days, and in a market as exciting as Europe, it matters a whole lot. To find the best free bets, you usually have to look for the best bookie. The ones I have recommended are the free bets you will like the best.

For starters, I have only toured the top-tier bookmakers licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), or other pertinent regulatory bodies. That way, I can guarantee that everything is up to the necessary industry standards.

Check the Wagering Requirements

Free bets have very simple wagering requirements. Place a bet here. Make sure it’s based on the right odds and before you know it, you will be done.

Now, in my experience, I haven’t found steep wagering requirements for any of the free bets I have recommended. I think it’s the industry standard to make these rollover requirements very easy for the player.

Active Customer Support

Truth be told, free bets are easy to sort out. On the off chance, you run into trouble, calling customer support is always handy. Most bookies that are worth their salt will make sure their care agents are always available. Of course, bookies do have hours off. So you might not get live support 24/7. This is hardly necessary as most events are played during the day or late in the evening, which supports covers already.

How to Turn Free Bets into Cash?

Now, having access to free bets is fantastic, but you are probably wondering. How do I turn these freebies into hard currency? The answer has been staring you in the face all this time – just check with your wagering requirements.

The only way to withdraw your earnings is first to make sure you have wagered the free bet. You got to check the requested number of times and at the requested odds. Once you sort this one out, you will be good to go.

As an extra tip, you should focus on placing your wagers on those events that you have familiarity with. Those are the events that can work out in your favour. Oftentimes, you will be tempted to follow through with a free bet that is specific to a sport. A sport that you are not fully familiar with.

There is no reason to worry. After all, a free bet means you won’t have to risk anything much in the first place. Yet, make sure you are not missing out on a free bet in a sport you understand first.

Free Bets on Mobile Applications

It’s all about being mobile these days. You can rest assured that the mobile experience has as many great free bets to offer. In fact, these two versions are the same, but the handier one is – without a doubt – the mobile one.r

Playing in a legal and regulated market allows you to reap many benefits. Not least of all being able to hop on a dedicated iOS or Android app and look up all great promotions yourself. If free bets are what you are looking for swiping through your mobile sportsbook, you can rest assured you will find them.

Free Bets for New Customers on Sign Up

The freebie you get upon sign-up is definitely the best one you can ever wish for. It requires no deposits – just the prowess to make a successful bet work out in your favour. Free bets with no deposit required are in fact quite popular. There are a number of bookies who offer this option.

All you need to do is to register an account. Verify your identity and the bookie can award the bonus. In some cases, you might need to be in touch with customer support to get your freebie.

What Are the Best Free Bets for Existing Customers?

Existing customers and new arrivals enjoy fairly the same selection of bets. Bookies, you see, do not like to discriminate. They will always make sure to have you hooked up with the best possible options on offer.

Therefore, you can pick some of the finest free bets there are. It makes no odds whether you are a new player or a settled veteran. In fact, it’s this dynamic and highly rewarding nature of the free betting experience that makes it worthwhile. The next great free bet is right around the corner on my list!

Are Cashbacks Free Bets?

Cashbacks are another interesting form of ‘free betting.’ In cashbacks, a bookie will return a net percentage of your losses each week. Naturally, there would be a wagering requirement for the cashback. You can use the cash back to make any selection of bets that covers the wagering requirement. Focus on those betting opportunities that allow you to make the most out of your losses.

You might be thinking that using “loss money,” doesn’t sound as tempting. But hold on, because even a professional punter would tell you that wagers win in 54-56% best-case scenario. This is why taking advantage of these small incentives known as free bets makes perfect sense.

Can You Bet Accumulators with Free Bets?

An interesting concept is to take your free bets and stack them up as an accumulator. That way, you can see what max. the profit you can hit. Now, the clear advantages of these decisions are quite easy to perceive. You will take on a risky wager, but you will be using free bets, so that’s alright.

Naturally, there are some downsides, too – mostly that a free wager’s maximum payout can be limited. On the other hand, a successful accumulator usually distributes quite a bit of cash. Even then, taking on a bigger risk to max out your free bet is not necessarily a bad strategy. In fact, I think it’s perfectly worth your while.

A Final Word on Free Bets

Ultimately, free bets are an amazing way to start betting. You will have access to somewhat bolder options, safe in the knowledge that you can’t lose. And even when fulfilling your wagering requirements, there is nothing much to worry about truly. Most conditions attached to your free bets will always be quite helpful and easy to play through.

I hope I have helped you find out about some of the best free bets you can claim. And, more importantly, how to recognize those. Make sure you pay attention to my list of recommended free bets. I can promise you; they will be worth every penny!

  • Is there a catch to free bets?

    No. Free bets are quite straightforward and generally one of the most trustworthy types of promotion. Just make sure to double-read the wagering conditions.

  • Should I skip a free bet sometime?

    There is no real reason why you should skip any free bet. They are designed to be helpful and help you win a little extra without carrying as much risk.

  • Are free bets restricted to new players only?

    Not at all. Free bets are available to both new and established players. That makes this type of promotion one of the best there is. You can benefit from free bets almost all the time, especially when there is some big sports event going on.

  • Do free bets come with wagering requirements?

    Yes. Free bets are just like any other form of promotion. They will come with some sort of wagering requirement attached. The good news is that the wagering requirement is usually very easy to fulfil.

  • Should I pick a free bet from an unlicensed bookmaker?

    No. When given a chance, always stick with licensed operators. This reduces the risk of ever being treated unfairly in regards to your free bet bonus.

  • What are the most generous free bets?

    There is no fixed amount of how much a free bet can be worth. Some bets start at €5 and go up to €25. Others could be worth even more depending on the type of promotion you are opting into.

  • What is better, a free bet or a risk-free wager?

    To be honest, there is not much difference. Both allow you to wager with the bookie's money, but with a risk-free wager, you get another shot. Opt for both and if you can't, just see which type of bet serves you better given your current betting goals.