Premier League Winner Odds for 2020/21

Manchester United’s odds of winning slipped to 16/1 in the Premier League 2020/21 after a week of adding just 1 point to the leaderboard. City went up against Arsenal and Sheffield United in the period.

Liverpool are back to being the second favourite to win the Premier League after beating West Ham United this weekend, securing their second win in four days. The Reds’ odds of winning now stand at 4/1, having dropped from 11/2.

Title favourites Manchester City now stand at 1/4 after beating Sheffield United this weekend, claiming eight successive victories in this season. At the same time, Leicester City is at 66/1 after their 1-3 loss at home against Leeds United.

The Favourites to Win Premier League 2020/21

Manchester City are the current favourites to take home the title, after losing out on the opportunity last year by a very determined Liverpool squad. Fresh off back-to-back wins, Pep Guardiola’s boys could likely finish off in style with 81 points on the leaderboard. Although it’s still short of the 198 that they had put up in the last couple of seasons, the ability and depth of the team remain unprecedented.

Even reigning champion Liverpool have been off to a poor start and are currently placed at the second spot with one game on their hands. The Reds are determined to take home the title twice in a row to secure their position in the league tables along with the stalwarts. Klopp’s boys broke a number of records last season, including the fewest matches taken to win the title.

The long-term injury of Virgil van Dijk is hurting the side and is a huge blow to their championship efforts. While Liverpool went off to a robust start this season, they ran into a hurdle in December and January, gaining just 11 points from nine encounters, which is a massive reason for concern at this stage of the game.

Manchester United failed to win a title since Sir Alex Fergusson’s retirement in 2013, and the squad seems determined to win back their lost glory. However, if you’re looking for odds tips, Premier League 2020/21 is unlikely to witness a huge comeback from the Red Devils.

The Underdogs at Premier League 2020/21

Tottenham Hotspurs have to improve upon their sixth-place rank in the points table if they are to take home the cup this season. Jose Mourinho replaced Mauricio Pochettino last season and has taken up the points tally to 45, the club’s fourth highest since his hiring. Mourinho further led the Spurs to a 6-1 victory at Old Trafford, proving once again that he means business.

Leicester City must also improve on their fifth-place standings if they’re to return with the cup. No team in the league’s history has won over 11 games, and the Foxes have a solid chance of breaking the record this year. Chelsea was quite active in the transfer market this year, having inducted key players like Ben Chilwell, Kai Havertz, and Timo Werner into the squad.

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