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Information We Collect

The first thing we do is to collect any information that comes with your browsing session. We make sure to observe your browsing patterns through any third-party legal service, such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs or Clicky for the sake of analysing website patterns and using this knowledge for the sake of providing you with a better quality of the overall service.

We also offer various promotions available through our sign-up option. The information you give us through an email sign-up will also be stored on our servers and then subsequently use this information to email you with our latest updates and new promotions that you might be interested in.

Our team will also use the cookies that we collect from using our website to provide you with the best and most personalised experience you can wish for once again. We generate some cookies automatically, and to others, you will have to consent in order to access your browser and provide you with a better experience.

Is Your Information Shared with Third-Parties?

We only share your information externally with your explicit consent. However, you should know that our Privacy Policy allows us to share your non-personally identifiable information with our partners for the sake of boosting the quality of the service we provide as well as the creation of proper marketing channels and opportunities for further collaboration. However, if we are involved in the acquisition, merger or buy-out, the Privacy Policy will be devoid, and a new Privacy Policy will be put in place.

It will be entirely within the remit of a new party to dictate how your personal information is stored. One last scenario would require Bettingrex.com to share your information with legal authorities if our service is petitioned by a court of law through a legal channel.

Protecting Your Personal Information

Not least of all, we make sure that our website meets all the necessary standards to provide you with the safest browsing experience. We use anti-virus software as well as SSL encryption.

Apart from that, the information we use is only accessible by authorised and accountable parties, so leaking your personal data cannot happen, and it would mandate immediate action on our part if it did.

We might store your data up to three months, but if you send us a written request to remove any data, we may have collected about you, we are obliged to comply as per the latest European regulation for data protection known as GDPR.

Remember that we may change our Privacy Policy as often as we see fit. Always make sure you are reading the latest version of this page by checking the bottom of the page for updates.