Casino Alpha Review – Not Recommended

Casino Alpha is a dishonest online casino that lost its players’ confidence a long time ago. It pulls common scams on its customers to get illegal profit. Thus, it is among the blacklisted online casinos that you should not trust under any circumstances.

During my review, I experienced a number of problems. Moreover, the online casino did not help me at all when I got in touch with customer service. The representatives kept me waiting for hours, although the casino offers a 24/7 live chat facility. I had a lot of worse incidents during my gambling sessions. Keep reading my review not to get scammed by Casino Alpha and other unreliable establishments.

Unfair Games

Casino Alpha offers a variety of different gambling options. Besides, it promises a fair online casino gaming with a random number generator certificate. Nevertheless, I had noticed that the casino provides an unfair gaming experience. After a long run of losing, I realized that my thoughts are accurate regarding this issue.

Moreover, the casino deceives its players by ensuring rewarding sessions with demo play. Thus, players would like to sign-up for Casino Alpha. Then, they face the opposite gaming experience for real money. You can see a lot of comments on the Internet about Casino Alpha’s unfair gambling services.

Payment Dishonesty

In addition to awful gambling experience, real money transactions are a disaster at Casino Alpha. First of all, there is not an adequate number of deposit and withdrawal options. Moreover, the methods offered at the casino require extremely high fees and unacceptable process time.

Secondly, Casino Alpha keeps its players waiting when they claim their winnings. For example, I could not withdraw any cash amount for a couple of weeks. The representative team always came up with different reasons and excuses for the delay. Moreover, according to some comments, there are players who couldn’t cash out their money for months.

They accuse their customers of illegal actions, although there is no proof. Thus, players cannot withdraw their winnings while the casino stalls them over and over again. Furthermore, Casino Alpha asks its users to increase their account balance using promotions and bonuses. It is making a fool of somebody, isn’t it?

Casino Alpha also does not pay its marketing partners. There is various news telling the casino’s money business regarding non-payment. Imagine a company which does not pay their affiliates. Does it make payment for its players? Think about it.

Outrageous Requirements

Casino Alpha requires unreasonable wagering requirements for bonuses and promotions. Thus, claiming the bonus rewards becomes impossible, although there are substantial cash offers. Moreover, it limits the maximum bet to a great extent when you wager the bonus amount.

Besides, Casino Alpha has a very limited promotion selection. All it does a trickery by presenting massive bonus amounts but high wagering requirements. Thus, it is not possible to find a rewarding promotion at Casino Alpha. The casino also gives extremely limited options for wagering real money.

Unstable Terms and Conditions

Changing to terms for their own benefit is one of the most common things that rogue casinos do. Casino Alpha also does the same trick to support its arguments. Thus, the casino turns out to be right with altered terms and conditions. When you look at the archives, you can see that the terms have changed recently.

License and Security Issues

Although Casino Alpha promises a safe and secure gambling experience, it does not employ any security measures for external threats. Besides, it does not offer advanced encryption technology to keep your personal information safe. Thus, your sensitive information can be shared with any third party organization at Casino Alpha.

The online casino provides its services under the Curacao eGaming License. Curacao eGaming is a famous authority among establishments doing shady business. Therefore, the casino’s second-tier gambling license does not mean that it provides legal services. I recommend you to carefully inspect the license if you are brave enough to play at Casino Alpha.

Spam E-mails

Upon my registration, I accept to receive e-mails from Casino Alpha for exclusive bonuses and promotions. However, I got a number of e-mails from the senders I do not know in the past couple of weeks. Then, I noticed that the source of e-mails is the online casino. Casino Alpha is a perfect place if you would like to receive spams.


Casino Alpha is an online casino operator that is highly unreliable. It does not pay players’ winnings and alters terms and conditions on its behalf. Thus, do not prefer this scammer casino if you do not want to be disappointed.

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