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Although a vast majority of sports betting establishments are legitimate, this is not the case with Mosbets Bookmaker. It is a total scam that can ruin your gambling sessions with unreliable gambling services. Moreover, it deceives players in various ways, including exaggeration bonuses and fake promotions. Keep reading my review if you do not want to lose your hard-earned money.

Refusal to Pay Winnings

Refusal to pay winnings is the most common scam among bookmakers and online casinos. There are a number of ways to perform this scam. However, the most preferred method is to stall players just like Mosbets Bookmaker does. It encourages players to deposit with exclusive bonuses and exciting promotions and makes it impossible to withdraw their winnings.

Based on my experience, Mosbets keeps its players waiting for the withdrawal by presenting excuses. Players find themselves in an endless loop and cannot cash out their winnings in the end. Moreover, the bookmaker’s customer support ignores you when you try to get answers regarding withdrawals. It even freezes your account not to make payment. Most people give up if the amount is small.

Sometimes, the bookmaker pays smaller amounts to convince its players. Please do not fall for this trap and let it gain your trust. When the amounts get bigger, Mosbets starts not to make payments. Moreover, it offers enormous reload bonuses to take more money from you. Then, the operator closes or freezes your account so that it does not give you your winnings.

Rigged Games

Providing rigged games is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Mosbets does this for nearly every single game to attract new players. It is a fairly simple scam. The bookmaker provides its players with rigged games, which allow a couple of winning sessions. Then, the games start to take every penny from you, all of a sudden.

Contrary to respected online casinos and bookmakers, Mosbets works with unreliable and unrecognized software developers to run its scam. Therefore, you can understand that the operator throws dust in your eyes and gains your trust with rigged games. Eventually, you end up with zero account balance. Keep away from Mosbets not to get disappointed after a couple of rewarding sessions.

Exaggerative Bonuses and Promotions

Mosbets exaggerate its bonuses and promotions to attract more customers. Although the rewards look massive on the promotions selection, the bookmaker makes them horrible by various requirements.

For example, it limits the maximum bet amount and increases wagering requirements. Thus, withdrawals of winnings from bonuses become impossible. Besides, the bookmaker excludes a variety of gambling options from promotions selection. In other words, you can use a couple of online casino games or betting options to wager the bonus amount.


Although you might think a mobile application is an advantage, this is not the case with this bookmaker. Mosbets offers a mobile app, which can be harmful to your smartphone or tablet. Therefore, think twice while downloading an app from this scam bookmaker. It is capable of doing anything for profit.

Spam Emails

When you open an account at Mosbets and allow receiving promotional emails, this is the end of the world. The bookmaker keeps sending a number of emails, most of which can be considered as spam. Moreover, the promotional emails do not include bonuses and rewards offered by Mosbets. These are mostly generic advertisements about bookmaker’s services. Receiving mischievous emails is a solid reason not to choose this operator.

Unreliable Gambling Experience

Although Mosbets looks like a legit bookmaker with necessary qualifications, it offers its gambling services under a low-quality license. Therefore, its online casino games and sports betting options are not under inspection at all. I do not recommend playing at Mosbets as you can face an unfair treatment within an unreliable gaming atmosphere.

Moreover, your personal information might be in danger at Mosbets. The bookmaker does not employ advanced encryption technologies to keep its players safe. Therefore, be careful while sharing your information with the operator.


At Mosbets Bookmaker, I experienced a variety of issues while playing casino games and betting on sports branches. Moreover, customer support did not help me with any of my concerns. It was unavailable every time I tried to get in touch with only representatives. Therefore, Mosbets is a scammer that can alter the terms and conditions for its own benefit.

Watch out for the illegitimate businesses and unreliable online casinos in the iGaming market. Stick with the top-rated bookmakers and casinos for rewarding and entertaining gambling sessions.

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