Why Do We See Finnish Sports Betting Sites Offer Casino Games?

Gaming in Finland is highly upheld. There is a large number of casino game enthusiasts and sports betting lovers. However, unlike other players worldwide, Finnish players are not majorly interested in common sports such as soccer. They will bet on soccer, tennis, basketball, and other common sports games but not as they do ice hockey or Pesapallo.

Finland has hosted four Pesapallo World Cup Championship since its launch in 1992. Pesapallo is a European-based baseball. The game is hosted every four years. Betting on this sport is common when it is running. You will find 30 per cent of players betting on the Pesapallo every week. However, after the championship is over, the number of sports bettors decreases.

Ice hockey is a popular sport in Finland. This is because the country has excelled at the game and has won several world championships. Finnish bettors are passionate about ice hockey. Thus, they make winning bets.

Finland has also made it to the football world championship. As a popular game elsewhere across the world, football betting has gained popularity in Finland. Other games that are also famous in Finland include golf, boxing, and equestrian sports.

Considering other forms of sports betting are not common, a company offering only sport betting services cannot perform well in Finland. Moreover, sports are seasonal. Sometimes are fewer bet markets than a gambling enthusiast would want. To serve you throughout the year, most gambling platforms include several products on their website. Thus, you will find sports betting sites offering casino games.

Reasons Why Finnish Sports Betting Sites Offer Casino Games

As mentioned earlier, gambling is more than prevalent in Finland. Therefore, operators offering gambling services must diversify; otherwise, they will lose players to another casino. Here are reasons for Finnish sports betting sites to offer casino games.

  1. To Eliminate the Need for a Player to Have Two Accounts

Finnish gamblers love betting on sports betting and casino games. They switch between the two. So, when there are few sports betting markets, a player can switch to a casino and stake on slots, table games, poker, or any other casino game.

Registering a player account is stressful. First, you must provide your details and verify your account. So, if a sports betting site doesn’t have a casino, it means you will register twice, once on a sports betting site and another on a casino. This tiring process makes you want to register at a site offering both a casino and sportsbook.

  1. Offer Gambling Products Throughout the Year

Another reason you will find Finnish sports betting sites offering casino games is to remain relevant to the player. A gambling platform makes money by offering games to play and bet on. So, when the sports season is over, or there are few sports betting markets, a site still has an added advantage if it has a casino. Thus, the casino will retain the player throughout the year, for it has all products a gambler needs on an online platform.

  1. Casinos Have Better Bonus Offers to Attract Players

As you will see at Veikkaajat.com, most casinos offer incredible bonuses for Finnish players. Some casinos offer exclusive offers for Finnish players, yet they are accessible from other countries too. Most casinos offer 100% bonus funds and hundreds of free spins.

Bonus offers are a way of attracting new players and retaining them. Once a player is registered on a platform, a sports betting site has a higher chance of convincing the player to try sports betting.

  1. The popularity of Casino Games in Finland

Gambling is one of the most common leisure among Finnish players. Saying that gambling is popular in Finland is an understatement. Although the local government is strict about gambling, it has not stopped gambling enthusiasts in the country. Finish players love playing online casino games for various reasons. For example, online casino games are available 24 hours throughout the year. Moreover, the game catalogue on online casinos is extensive. This allows Finnish players to choose among lottery, slot machines, poker, baccarat, progressive jackpot slots, blackjack, roulette, live dealer games, scratch cards, bingo, craps, keno, and many other casino games.

Casino games tend to increase a player’s adrenaline. This excitement is the fun Finnish player look for when choosing a gambling site. Moreover, playing casino games ensue freebies, wins, and other generous offers. Also, most casino games are available to play in free mode.


Nordic countries such as Finland are advocates for exciting games. With technological advancement, Finnish players are bound to indulge in innovative games even more in the future. While sports betting involves finding a team you are interested in and placing a bet on it, casino gaming is much more than that. You feel engaged in the gaming, which is something a Finnish player is looking for. Thus, more Finnish sports betting sites will join other sites offering casino games.

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